The 2000s "it" girl is bearing it all in her latest exclusive interview with People. Paris Hilton is revealing the traumatic past she endured, and what it was that led her to her fame.

Oftentimes dubbed as a "Beverly Hills Barbie", the Hollywood heiress is exploring the dark psychological reason as to why she decided to adopt a persona, despite that not being who she was on the inside.

Paris Hilton won't hold back any longer

It would seem there is so much more than meets the eye with Paris Hilton. The reality TV star is opening up about her abusive past, and the dark reason behind her classic all pink attire.

Paris Hilton attends The 9th Annual Streamy Awards.

"Paris Hilton the character is not the real me," she said in her exclusive interview with People. "It was an outer shell. How the world perceives me and who I really am is so different."

Hilton is exploring more of her painful past in her YouTube documentary, This Is Paris, coming out on Sept. 14, and shared more details of her biopic.

While away at boarding school in Utah, Hilton revealed that she experienced emotional and physical abuse on the daily for over a year. Finally, the young starlet was able to leave at 18 years old.

"I was so grateful to be out," she said. "I didn't want to think about it. I just wanted to live my life. Going out and partying was numbing the pain."

She added, "With the voice, the clothes, I basically created this entire character. I wanted to hide who I really was. Because when you are constantly berated and abused, it will obviously get to you."

When 2003 rolled around, Hilton became a huge household name, appearing on the widely successful reality series The Simple Life

"At [school], I had issues wanting attention and love," she said. "With fame, I got all of that. I felt loved and happy and proud. And it was a big 'F you' to the school like, everything they said to me, look at me now."

In terms of her documentary, Hilton says that it's given her a chance to come to terms with her past and heal from the trauma.

"But I'm also excited to show the real Paris, who I really am. I'm onto a new life."

This is Paris will be available to stream on YouTube.