Paul Schneider was raised in North Carolina and always knew he wanted to be an actor! After getting his degree at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Paul got his start in acting with his 2000 film debut George Washington.

He later went on to star in romantic drama All the Real Girls and 2005 romantic tragedy Elizabethtown before landing the role of "Mark Brendanawicz" on Parks and Recreation

Paul Schneider as "Mark Brendanawicz"

Paul played the main role of  "Mark Brendanawicz" for a short two seasons from 2009-2010 before his character was cast off at the end of season 2. He works as a city planner on the show and is the ex-boyfriend of "Ann Perkins" and "Leslie Knope's" colleague

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Fans always believed that Paul would make a return to the show, but when Parks and Recreation ended in 2015 after 7 wonderful seasons, "Mark Brendanawicz" had not reappeared. 

Paul Schneider Today

After his time on Parks and Recreation, Paul has gone on to have a successful career on Broadway, making his 2018 debut in Young Jean Lee's play Straight White Men.

He married his beautiful wife, occupational therapist Theresa Avila in 2016, and she is often seen attending red carpet events with him!