What a romantic and tragic love story. Lisa Niemi (63) met her future husband Patrick Swayze (†57) at the tender age of 15. At that time she took dancing lessons with his mother and it was an immediate connection between the two of them. On June 12th, 1975 Lisa and Patrick got married and from then on out they had an exemplary relationship. 

Unusual for a marriage in the limelight of Hollywood, Lisa and Patrick were still a happy couple even after many years. The two were happily married until Patrick died of pancreatic cancer in 2009 and their love story came to a tragic end. 

Lisa now describes her feelings in a tweet she sent out on June 12th, 2019. She emphasizes that her love for Patrick still exists and that he still makes her smile. In a heartbreaking post she remembers that she and Patrick Swayze would have had their 44th wedding anniversary in mid-June this year.

Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze: Lovers beyond death

Lisa Niemi writes that while she may feel melancholy on one hand, she is also filled with love for Patrick Swayze on the other. Finally she ends the touching post with the words: "Love doesn't die. He still makes me smile."

Again and again Lisa touches her fans with such emotional messages to the late actor, who fans still painfully miss. Lisa Patrick also made a beautiful declaration of love on the anniversary of his death as well with a Twitter video.

In the meantime Lisa Niemi has remarried. In 2014 she said her vows to the jeweler Albert DePrisco and they are still married today.

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