• Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson have had a long relationship together
  • They have two children together
  • Paulina and Dustin have finally decided to officially get married

Perhaps the most exciting news of Paulina's life finally arrived. After a long nine-year relationship with pro golfer Dustin Johnson, Paulina and the athlete have decided to officially tie the know and get married. The couple already have two children together and many were eagerly anticipating the day when a wedding would finally happen!

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Paulina And Dustin Are The Stuff Of Dreams Together

Gretzky, 33, and Johnson, 37, were joined by friends and family for their wedding weekend in a mash-up of the golf and hockey worlds. The bride wore a Vera Wang dress for her big day. The festivities kicked off Thursday with an intimate dinner party and personalized snapshots from a photo booth.

Prior to this past weekend, it’d been one long bachelorette party with soirees in Palm Beach and a lavish bash in exclusive St. Barts in the Caribbean. The wedding also had a surprise musical guest. Kid Rock, a notorious Detroit Red Wings fan sang Chris Stapleton’s "Joy of My Life"!

Gretzky later wrote on Instagram:  “You are the joy of my life. Thank you Kid Rock.” After it was all over, Gretzky and Johnson caught a private plane to whisk them home to Florida to begin their new life together. For many, this day simply couldn't come soon enough, and now the couple are officially one body!

Let's wish them many happy years together!