Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z are making waves in the hip-hop scene! The collaboration comes with Pharrell's project that focusses on Black success and stories.

The music video not only makes a statement but is centred around a narrative that is imperative during a time such as this where social justice and racial inequalities are at the forefront of implementing change.

A collaboration celebrating Black stories

Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z created a song and video that center around Black success, and released on powerful video for their song "Entrepreneur."

In conjunction with Pharrell's Time magazine cover "The New American Revolution", Pharrell is expressing a powerful message surrounding Black narratives and what he calls, "social equity."

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"The intention for a song was all about how tough it is to be an entrepreneur in our country, to begin with," Pharrell tells Time.

"Especially as someone of colour, there’s a lot of systemic disadvantages and purposeful blockages," he added.

"How can you get a fire started, or even the hope of an ember to start a fire when you’re starting at disadvantages with regards to health care, education, and representation?" he continued.

Pharrell adds that "The New American Revolution" will explore the oppressive past while exploring the potential for an equal and equitable future.

"When you have successful beehive-type communities where you can circulate money within your community, it makes a huge difference," he says.

"They keep saying the American Dream is about the house and picket fence, the wife and two kids," he continued. "Come on — let’s be honest. It’s always boiled down to money and an opportunity. The song is trying to communicate that when we stick together, treat each other better and welcome each other, there’s more money and more opportunity for everyone."

Watch the full video to the song "Entrepreneur" below!