Billie Eilish is proving she can do a lot more than just sing! The young starlet took the opportunity at the National Democratic Convention to not only perform her latest single "My Future", but to call out President Donald Trump.

Showing her fans her dedication to a bright future, the Grammy winner made a plea to those watching to get to the polls on November 3, the day that many American's will be anxiously awaiting the results of.

Billie Eilish gets political and calls out Trump

Donald Trump has stirred controversy his entire candidacy and presidency, and Billie Eilish is tired of it!

Come November 3, Eilish is hopeful that those who can vote will turn up and make a difference. While performing her latest single appropriately titled, "My Future", the 18-year-old made a plea to her fans to get out there and vote!

"You don't need me to tell you things are a mess," she said to viewers.

"Donald Trump is destroying our country and everything we care about," she added, slamming the President.

"We need leaders who will solve problems like climate change and COVID, not deny them; leaders who will fight against systemic racism and inequality," she continued. 

"And that starts by voting for someone who understands how much is at stake, someone who is building a team that shares our values. It starts with voting against Donald Trump and for Joe Biden," she added.

The singer then continued on to urge those watching to register and get ready to cast their ballots saying, "Silence is not an option, and we cannot sit this one out."

"We all have to vote like our lives and the world depends on it because they do. The only way to be certain of the future is to make it ourselves. Please register, please vote," she concluded.

Eilish has always been vocal about her disdain for Trump, saying that it makes her sad how much support he has and that people "love horrible people."

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