Prime Minister Boris Johnson has closed down all schools in the UK, but some teachers will still be looking after children whose parents are in crucial jobs, like police officers and medical staff.

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Piers Morgan on Monday morning had some strong words for all parents across the UK on Good Morning Britain. The host of the popular morning show commented on the fact that the newly imposed guidelines amid the coronavirus outbreak are to be taken seriously and that all parents should keep their children home.

Piers Morgan Makes Major Announcement On Twitter

Piers Morgan: "It is absolutely pathetic"

Morgan said: "Don't think, 'Oh I’ll just sneak my kids in and have a bit of a break?' A break from what? Doing jigsaws? It is absolutely pathetic." He also pointed out that those kids will be at high risk of catching the disease since their parents are the ones still in contact with many people on a daily basis. 

"Teachers who are going in and dealing with the kids who are those of the NHS workers, who are of high exposure – what is their protection?" he said. "What is the protection for those key workers who are still at risk?"

Piers Morgan: "What is wrong with people?!"

The host of Good Morning Britain also addressed all the other folks in the UK who are not staying home in general and urged them to follow the rules in order to keep everyone safe. He said that nobody should impose on the so-called "elderly hours" and "health worker hours" in supermarkets, which were still overcrowded this past weekend.

"You're being asked to just go home, sit there and do this, watch telly! What is wrong with people?!"