In one of the pictures Morgan posted to his Instagram you can see his son Spencer, 26, and his daughter Elisa, 7. Piers captioned the family photo: "My late, great highly rebellious grandmother Margot used to delight in wrecking every family photo by pulling silly faces. Elise, whose middle name is the same as her great-grandmother, now proudly carries the torch. Lovely spot for lunch though. @mobumalibyrestaurant #Malibu."

Morgan enjoying luxury

A second image was uploaded with the caption:"Spent 6yrs living in this fabulous hotel & the breakfasts (and incredible service) are still the best in LA. Love sitting outside at the foot of Rodeo Drive - as the sun comes up, and the city wakes up. #LA @beverlywilshire." Morgan lived in the hotel for six years when it was paid for by NBC because of the success of Americas Got Talent, which Morgan was a judge for. 

Morgan's family

Morgan is the father of Spencer, Stanley, 22, Albert, 18, and Elise. He shares his sons with his ex-wife Marion Shalloe; they were married from 1991 to 2008. In 2010, Piers married journalist Celia Walden, and in 2011 they had their daughter together. 

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