The 52-year-old Irish actress Alison Doody is best known for her roles in the 1985 James Bond film A View to Kill, the 1989 movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and the 1991 film Duel of Hearts. Did you know she has a gorgeous daughter named Alanna O'Reilly?

In 1994 Doody married to Dublin-born businessman Gavin O'Reilly, former CEO of the multinational media company Independent News & Media. After living together in a 10,000 square-foot (930 m2) residence in Dalkey, Ireland, they divorced in 2006 but share two daughters, Alanna (23), and Lauren (20).

Who is Alison Doody's gorgeous daughter Alanna?

Alanna O'Reilly was born in 1996 and graduated from L.A. College of Creative Arts. After discovering her passion for beauty products and fashion she started to pursue her career as a professional makeup artist.

Alanna, who has certainly inherited her mother's good looks, is very active on Instagram where she often posts pictures showing off how beautiful she is. But Alanna's not the only one posting sweet pictures on social media, as a matter of fact Alison Doody also likes to share photos of her gorgeous daughter!

Alison Doody struggled with depression after becoming a mother

A couple of years ago Alison Doody opened up about how she struggled with depression after quitting Hollywood and returning to Ireland to become a mother. Although the "Bond girl" has said she doesn't regret about stepping out of the public life to raise her family, she admits it was hard to find herself out of work.

The mother of two eventually returned to the screen; her most recent appearances are in the 2016 film Broer, and in the 2017 movie Division 19. She has admitted she doesn't feel as ambitious as she did two decades ago. 

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