• Heidi Klum used to be teased
  • She was even called "Pizza Face"
  • She reveals all in the latest GNTM episode

Unfortunately, bullying is still an issue for many young people. The topic was discussed in a new episode of Germany's Next Top Model.

During the episodes, the candidates revealed their childhood dreams on the runway. Anita talked about teasing during her school days.

Heidi Klum was teased

Heidi Klum was also able to identify with this. With guest judge Kim Petras, who made it to the top from Germany, she then talked about her very own experiences in this area.

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"She was always teased at school. They always called me "pizza face" because I had so many pimples. I was obsessed with pimples," Heidi revealed.

It's hard to believe that Heidi Klum - who is considered one of the most beautiful models in the world - used to be bullied. However, the model mom also notes that she was able to draw good things from this experience: "But that’s how you get a hard shell from the start," she said.


While Heidi Klum used to endure teasing because of her acne, things are very different for her daughter Leni Klum today. She proudly showed irritation and blemishes on her face on Instagram– and was celebrated for it by her fans.