No happy ending for "Vivian Ward" (Julia Roberts, 52) and "Edward Lewis" (Richard Gere, 70)? Hard to imagine, but it almost would have happened if Disney hadn't bought the rights for Pretty Woman. In 2015, the film's 25th anniversary, it was revealed that "Vivian" and "Edward" were not supposed to end up together in the end.

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Pretty Woman: The original version’s tragic ending

But what Jeffrey Katzenberg, former chairman of Walt Disney Studios, revealed definitely shocked most fans! In the original version of the film, "Vivian" dies of an overdose. However, Disney was - for understandable reasons - not enthusiastic about this ending and so Pretty Woman turned into a modern fairy tale with a happy ending.

„Vivian” and „Edward” in "Pretty Woman"

In the end, this was the best decision that Disney could have made. After all, Pretty Woman, which was supposed to be called 3000, became a massive success and made Julia Roberts a world-famous leading actress. Can you believe the film was released 20 years ago?! 

In other exciting news for "Edward", Richard Gere actually just welcomed another child with his wife, Alejandra Silva!