• Prince William was spotted with Carole Middleton
  • It happened at a pub
  • THIS is a royal first for them

This rare public outing comes amidst a challenging time for the Royal Family, as Princess Kate battles cancer. Dive into the details of this unexpected pub visit and discover how the Royals are rallying around Kate during her health crisis. It looks like the family is staying tight together!

William and Carole are very close

In a scene that could've been straight out of a fairytale, Prince William, the dashing Prince of Wales, was seen casually walking into a local pub for a drink.

For any royal fans, this would be an unprecedented time but it was all that and more for everyone who saw it. It's not the first time we catch the Prince of Wales with a beer in hand.

But here's the twist – his drinking partner was none other than his mother-in-law, Carole Middleton! According to an April 10 report by Richard Eden of the 'Daily Mail', this low-key meet-up had patrons doing double-takes. "He just walked in and through the pub. He appeared to be with Carole Middleton," a surprised onlooker shared.

This unexpected outing comes at a time when the Royal Family has been keeping a low profile, following the heart-wrenching news of Princess Kate's cancer diagnosis.

The Princess of Wales courageously shared her battle with the world in a self-penned speech on March 22, revealing she's undergoing treatment after post-operative tests from her abdominal surgery in January.

The Royal support system is in full force, with Carole and Michael Middleton being hailed as pillars of strength. After Kate's surgery, a source revealed to 'People' magazine that her parents "will be there to lend support." Indeed, the Middletons are a constant in their grandchildren's lives, providing love and stability during this tumultuous time.

Kate's siblings, Pippa and James, are also nearby, adding to the family's united front. James's touching Instagram post following Kate's announcement underscores the family's resolve: "As a family, we will climb this one with you too."

At the heart of this support network is Prince William, Kate's rock. A family friend told 'People', "He is a very reliable, strong person. She doesn’t feel isolated in this because of William, who is right beside her."

The couple's nearly 13-year marriage is a testament to their unbreakable bond, now more than ever.

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William has had to face some very difficult odds in recent months, but he's been through these kinds of difficulties before. But this latest pub outing is very heartwarming to see!

As the Royal Family navigates this challenging journey, the love and support surrounding Princess Kate are palpable. From secret pub meetings to public declarations of solidarity, it's clear that together, they will face whatever comes their way.