The beloved "Sam Beckett"

'Quantum Leap': What Is Scott Bakula Doing Today?

Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap, 1991

Quantum Leap was one of the most successful TV series of the early 1990s. But today we're wondering: where is actor Scott Bakula now and what's he currently doing? Let's take a look at "Sam Beckett" in 2021...

Quantum Leap will always be one of our favourite shows — and much of that success is owed to the fantastic Scott Bakula, who played scientist "Sam Beckett" on the series. While investigating time travel, "Sam" enters a machine taking him back in time to different bodies as he tries to change the past.

The show aired from 1989 to 1993 for a total of five seasons and nearly 100 episodes. What is the talented actor currently doing?

Quantum Leap: What's Scott Bakula Doing Today?

It turns out that Scott Bakula's role on Quantum Leap opened the doors for the actor to star in countless hits.

Quantum Leap: This is Scott Bakula today

In recent years, the actor, originally from Missouri, has appeared in several of our favourite series and films, including Star Trek: Enterprise, American Beauty, Chuck, Looking, and most recently, NCIS: New Orleans—where he's played team leader "Pride" since 2014.

NCIS: New Orleans star Scott Bakula is happily married

As for Bakula's personal life, he has been happily married to actress Chelsea Field since 1999. They have two children and they undoubtedly make up one of the most lovable Hollywood families of all time. The actor also has two children from his first marriage to Krista Neumann.

NCIS: New Orleans actor Scott Bakula and his wife Chelsea Field.

Bakula will turn 67 in October 2021. See the full cast of NCIS: New Orleans through the years here.