Jonathan Van Ness is nothing but ray of sunshine and pure delight on Netflix's Queer Eye and ahead of the release of his memoir titled Over The Top which hits shelves on September 24th, he has decided to open up to the New York Times about his health and his past saying that "there are issues that need to be talked about."

Jonathan Van Ness: HIV Positive at 25

In his memoir, Van Ness talks about how he was tested positive for HIV when he was 25 years old after fainting while doing a clients hair. He described that day as being "devastating" just as one would think it to be. Not only does he open up about being a part of the "beautiful HIV positive community", he also talks about how he was abused by an older boy at a young age.

This abuse, "planted a seed for other self-destructive behaviours." Jonathan got into hard drugs in college and would run out of money and advertise sex for money on according to the Times. By his early twenties, he had already been to rehab twice.

Jonathan Van Ness, a beautiful person

The Queer Eye star has since turned his life around and has stayed away from hard drugs for years. Van Ness says that he's a happy and healthy member of the HIV positive community. He felt that it was important that he spoke out about his status and we are so thankful that he has such a great support system around him. We love you, Jonathan!

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