Queen Elizabeth II is well known for being a caring grandmother and always worries about her family, that's why one of Prince William's hobbies often causes her concern. From an early age, Prince William developed a passion for motorcycles and according to his own statement, he loves the anonymity that driving through a helmet gives him.

But it seems that not only his wife, Duchess Catherine, is often very worried about this, but also the Queen, particularly because of the tragic circumstances of Lady Diana's death a couple of years ago. According to one photographer of the royal family, as reported by Express, Lady Diana was constantly fleeing from paparazzi riding motorcycles, and now her son is using a motorcycle for similar reasons. 

Prince William and Prince Harry have been riding motorcycles since they were young

It is true that Prince William put his hobby back because of his children, and he sort of gave up his passion, but it is also true that he and Prince Harry have been riding motorcycles since they were very young. Royal experts believe that the fact that Prince William and Prince Harry are now both fathers and probably drive more carefully than they did in their youth, should make the Queen feel a little bit more secure.

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