• Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has five children
  • He shared a picture with his daughter Alana for the first time
  • The little one is his "mini-me"

Cristiano Ronaldo (37) is a household name. Ever since the early 2000s, he has been arguably the greatest football player of all time breaking records at massive clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid. His success on the pitch seems to be matched only by his successful personal life, which is also something to boast about! 

Cristiano Ronaldo proudly shows off his daughter Alana

Ronaldo is also the proud father of five. He doesn't often share much content about his family life to his millions of followers. But he surprised his fans on Instagram with a cute photo of himself and his daughter Alana (5). Alana looks very comfortable on Dad's lap and they both smile happily at the camera.

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The resemblance between father and daughter is immediately apparent to anyone who sees them together. This rare but precious sight immediately melted the hearts of fans online who were quick to comment on just how cute the pair of them are together. 

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