• Heidi Klum usually keeps her children out of the public eye
  • Now the model posts a new photo
  • The family can be seen together

Heidi Klum (49) is the mother of four children. While her eldest daughter Leni (18) is now taking the modeling world by storm, little is seen of her kids Lou (12), Johan (15) and Henry (16). Heidi rarely shows them on social media and then only with their faces covered. 

New picture: Heidi Klum shows her kids

Now the model mom shares a picture of a family trip to the beach. You can see Heidi Klum in a yellow bikini and a sun hat. She is holding the hand of her daughter Lou, who has opted for a light-colored bikini. Between Johan and Henry, who are wearing colorful swimming trunks, Leni poses in a pink two-piece suit. 

The family can be seen from behind. What is striking: the two boys in particular have grown really big! Who might have photographed the family outing? It may have been Heidi's husband Tom Kaulitz, who cannot be seen in the picture. 

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Which model do you see in this picture?

For a long time, Heidi Klum was very strict when it came to her children's privacy. In the meantime, Leni Klum was allowed to follow in her mother's footsteps. Today she is successful as a model herself. What do you think her other children will do later?