• Ryan Gosling has some regrets
  • His dance hands in 'La La Land' haunt him still
  • THIS is how he explains it

Hollywood's golden boy, Ryan Gosling, has dropped a bombshell that's got fans and critics alike reeling! In a recent heart-to-heart with 'WSJ Magazine's' "The One" video series, the 'Fall Guy' and 'Barbie' star opened up about a cringe-worthy moment from 'La La Land' that he can't shake off.

Yes, we're talking about the dance move seen around the world - or more specifically, on the movie's promo poster.

The Haunting of the "La La Hand"

"There’s a moment that haunts me where we’re dancing, Emma and I. I didn’t know this would become the poster for the movie," The 'Fall Guy' actor said before letting out a long sigh. "But I thought we were supposed to have our hands up and I thought it’d be cool to put my hand like that," referring to his wrist slanting down compared to Stone’s hand, as seen in the photo above.

Referring to the dance sequence with co-star Emma Stone that became the visual hallmark of the film. What's the big deal, you ask? It's all about the hand position, folks! Gosling's wrist went rogue, slanting down in a way that, well, let's just say it didn't quite hit the mark of cool he was aiming for.

"Now when I look at it — and I have to see it all the time — you know what would have been cooler than this?" the 'Barbie' star asked, holding his hand up in a similar position as the poster. "That," he responded, pointing his wrist up, to appear similar to Stone’s.

"It just killed the energy that way," Gosling quipped. "It was sort of like, all leading to what? Just like a lazy … I call it ‘La La Hand.'"

Despite his dance background, Gosling humorously dubbed himself "hamburger-hands Gosling" when reflecting on his preparation for the role of Sebastian. It seems those dance skills didn't quite translate as he'd hoped in 'La La Land.' But hey, he still snagged an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, and the film danced away with six Oscars in total!

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So, what can we learn from Gosling's 'La La Hand' fiasco? Maybe it's that even Hollywood's finest aren't immune to a little self-critique. Or perhaps it's a reminder that sometimes, the little things (like the angle of your hand in a dance move) can haunt you for years to come.

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He may not be too happy with it, but it's safe to say the fans are...

Either way, Ryan Gosling's candid share has given us all a new, endearing insight into the pressures of getting that perfect shot. And let's be honest, 'La La Hand' or not, we still love every bit of "La La Land" and its star-studded cast.