• Dakota Johnson is a celebrated American actress
  • She is best known from '50 Shades of Grey'
  • THIS is what she thought about working on 'The Office'

Lights, Camera, Awkwardness! When Dakota Johnson, the Hollywood darling known for her roles in sultry dramas and rom-coms, took a nostalgic trip to Dunder Mifflin, she expected a quick cameo. Instead, she got a two-week ticket to Tension Town, and she's not faxing around about it!

Dakota was less than impressed by it all

In a candid confessional on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers,' Johnson, who graced the screen in the series finale of the beloved sitcom "The Office," revealed the not-so-comedic reality of her experience.

"That was honestly the worst time of my life,” Johnson said. "I love that show so much, and they were like, ‘Do you want to be in the series finale?’ and I was like, ‘Of course,’ thinking that I’d show up for, like, half a day," she exclaimed, her usual charm tinged with a hint of sarcasm.

Fans of the show, brace yourselves! Johnson was ready to bring her A-game to the Scranton set, but the vibe was more "goodbye gloom" than "welcome wagon." 

Instead, "I was there for two weeks,” she said, “and I’m barely in the f—ing show." Johnson speaks in a grand total of two scenes in 'The Office' finale, and also is in the background for several scenes. Worse, she had to deal with 10 years of pent-up emotions from the regular cast.

"Wasn’t everybody super sad?" Meyers asked. "They were sad," Johnson confirmed. "And also, like, there were weird dynamics that had been going on for the last 10 years. Some people didn’t speak to each other, and I’m coming in like, ‘Hahaha, I’m so excited to be here,’ and no one wanted to talk to me, nobody gave a f—. And I was like in the background of all of these scenes, faxing things."

While Johnson was jazzed to join the TV family, it seems the feeling wasn't mutual. "No one wanted to talk to me," she lamented, her excitement fading faster than a misdirected "Dunder Mifflin" shipment.

And her big moment? Relegated to the background, she was the queen of the copy machine, faxing her way into our hearts – or at least, that's what Seth Meyers would have us believe, praising her for "some of the most believable faxing" he's ever witnessed.

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So, what's the takeaway from this off-screen office ordeal? Even in the land of make-believe, reality can crash the party. But fear not, fans – Johnson's stint at "The Office" may have been a paper jam of a time, but her star power remains unscathed!