• Rebel Wilson had her breakthrough with "Pitch Perfect"
  • It's been a decade since the first part
  • It's time for a reunion!

Rebel Wilson is largely known for her role in the Pitch Perfect saga. In them, she plays "Fat Amy". Although the actress has since completely changed due to drastically losing weight, she still identifies with her character. 

The actress posted a sweet reunion photo with her co-stars. You can see the picture in the video.

Rebel Wilson and her Pitch Perfect co-stars reunite!

The actress poses with Kelley Jakle, Chrissi Fit, and Shelley Regner near a pool. Together they formed the acapella group "The Barden Bellas" in the films. She shares a lovely photo with her co-stars and writes a kind message:

"Bellas 4 Life! Decade long friendship with these gorgeous pitches!"

The women were part of all three films and developed a deep friendship over the years. The first film was released in 2012, practically a decade ago. You can tell that the actresses still get along very well after all this time. 

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