• Daniel Day Lewis is a renowned British actor
  • He is known for being elusive to the public
  • HERE are some mind-blowing facts about his career

In our line of work, it pays to do some digging. And so, here are some facts about the actor many don't know. Did you know that Daniel Day Lewis is not his birth name? He was originally named "Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis," but he dropped the "Blake" during his early acting career.

Daniel is one of the greatest of all time!

Lewis is known for his intense commitment to the characters he portrays, often staying in character even when the cameras are not rolling. In addition to his talent for acting, he is also a gifted musician.

Also interesting:

He can play the piano and the cello. During the filming of 'My Left Foot,' Daniel Day Lewis refused to leave his wheelchair and insisted on being spoon-fed off camera...

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