• John Wayne is a classic movie legend
  • The actor passed away back in 1979
  • Learn his cause of death in our video

Did you know that "John Wayne" is the actor's stage name? He wasn't even present for that career decision but that name came to represent American patriotism. Interestingly enough, when World War II broke out, he was denied the chance to serve because of how old he was and because of family deferment. It is hard to imagine the man who was later nominated for an Oscar for his acting in Sands of Iwo Jima being denied the chance to actually fight for his country.

John Wayne Cause Of Death: How The Western Legend Died

John Wayne even had the opportunity to serve in an intelligence agency for the US that pre-dated the CIA but was not told by his estranged spouse, who got his acceptance letter. Numerous sources affirm that his failure to fight in the war became his biggest regret. His widow added that his high level of patriotism was to make up for this failure.


When John Wayne died, it was major news. Around that time, he had received two awards from the US government thanks to bipartisanship. His iconic status was such that both an Emperor of Japan and a Soviet Leader wanted to meet him on separate occasions.

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There is no debate that cancer took his life but there is the question of how he got the disease. To find out more about the career of John Wayne and his cause of death, please watch the video above.