Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley is left shaken and distressed after having her home broken into on Wednesday night by three hooded men. 

The men in question did meet the reality star face-on, and her husband, Paul Kemsley, also known as PK, was in London at the time of the event, however left as soon as he heard the news to be with his family.

Dorit Kemsley walks away physically unharmed

Returning with her two children, Jagger, 7 and Pheonix, 5, from London on Tuesday night, Dorit Kemsley was without her husband on the night of the intrusion.

Her husband PK stayed a few more days in London, and on Wednesday night three men between the ages of 20-30 broke into their Encino Hills $9.2 million dollar home. 

Dorit Kemsley attends the 28th Annual Race To Erase MS: Drive-In Gala

According to the LAPD report, at around 10:50 pm, three males broke into the home while her two children were asleep. A press release that was released to the public on Thursday evening noted that Kemsley was met by the three men.

It read, "The victim was in the residence at the time and was met by the suspects. The victim was in fear and complied with the suspect's demands by directing them to valuables. The suspects took handbags, jewelry, and watches with a significant monetary loss and fled the location in a black truck."

The police noted that this case is "high profile" due to the price tag attached to many stolen items.

Those that watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know that Kemsley has one massive collection of designer handbags, jewellery and clothes, some handbags costing nearly $100,000.

Kemsley was supposed to start filming the next season of RHOBH on Thursday, however, Bravo has neither confirmed of denied if she will continue to film amid this trauma.

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