• Heather Dubrow is a reality star on The Real Housewives of Orange County 
  • Her daughter Max has opened up about being bisexual
  • Now, her younger daughter Kat has come out as well

Heather Dubrow is full of pride knowing she's created a safe home where two of her four children can safely come out and share their sexuality with the world!

Max, her eldest daughter, is the author of the coming-of-age non-fiction book I'll Give It To You Straight-Ish, and because of her trailblazing ways, paved the way for her younger sister, Kat, to come out, too!

A family of inclusiveness

Max, 18, wrote I'll Give It To You Straight-Ish as a way to help parents navigate support during their teenagers coming to terms with their sexuality, but it's also helped her sibling.

'RHOC': Heather Dubrow's Daughter Max Opens Up About Bisexuality Amid Book Release

Max went on to share that she's happy she was able to help her little sis out. She said to People magazine during their family's exclusive interview, "Even generally, the younger siblings have it very easy because Nick and I paved the way." 

Nick, who is also the eldest of the four kids and Max's twin brother, has shown support on social media for his sister after Max made a public post in 2020.

Max went on to say she was "glad that I could be the person to do it first because I am the confident one, the one who really doesn't care [what people say], I'm just genuinely me and that's it."

While Max has since been very open about her bisexuality, on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, we see her younger sister Kat, 15, comes out as a lesbian. Although she shared this privately last summer, this will be the first time she will say it to the public.

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"I'm really grateful that I have Max as an older sister," Kat said. "She has already gone through all of this. Seeing my sister be so proud, and to see her be so comfortable with herself, it just makes me feel like I have nothing to worry about."

She admitted to feeling "stressed" about it, but knows that ultimately she has her family to support her. 

Dubrow went on to admit that there was some tension when Kat first came out, and the global lockdown sent things into perspective for the kids.

"That was when I really started questioning my own sexuality. I wasn't with friends 24/7," Kat said of her time in quarantine. "So I really started to figure out who I am versus who I am with my friends." 

Watch all the inside info this week on Real Housewives of Orange County, available on Bravo!