• Eric Carmen was the lead vocalist of The Raspberries
  • He has passed at 74 years old
  • Here is a look back at his legacy

The Raspberries' former lead vocalist and acclaimed solo artist passed away peacefully in his sleep, leaving behind a treasure trove of songs that defined a generation. No cause of death has been disclosed.

Eric made a huge contribution to music

In a shocking turn of events that has left fans reeling, Eric Carmen, the legendary voice that soared through the airwaves with "All by Myself," has bid the world adieu.

The star, who was 74 years young, was announced to have passed in his sleep over the weekend, a statement on his website confirmed.

Born in the heart of rock 'n' roll, Cleveland, Ohio, Carmen shot to stardom as the charismatic frontman of The Raspberries. With their sharp suits and even sharper tunes, they were the American answer to The Beatles' British charm. But unlike the Fab Four, The Raspberries hit a sour note and disbanded, leaving Carmen to carve out a solo career that would cement his status as a ballad king.

From the steamy "Hungry Eyes" that had everyone swaying with "Dirty Dancing" nostalgia, to the power ballad "Almost Paradise" from "Footloose," Carmen's tracks weren't just songs; they were the soundtrack to our lives.

With a Grammy nod to his name and a string of Billboard chart-toppers, his music wasn't just heard—it was felt.

Though The Raspberries tried to sweeten up with a reunion, Carmen chose his own path, only to grace the stage with them in rare, electrifying moments. Their last gig together in 2007 was more than just a concert; it was a moment in history.

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As we say goodbye to a man whose voice could fill a room with emotion, we remember Eric Carmen not just for the music he made, but for the memories he soundtracked. Rest in peace, rock legend.