• Rumer Willis channels dad Bruce's legacy in Baby Louetta's name 
  • Rumer is the oldest daughter of Bruce Willis
  • This is her first child

It's a name that sings! Rumer Willis (33, actress), the eldest daughter of action star Bruce Willis (67), has just revealed the sweet symphony behind her baby daughter's name, Louetta Isley, and it's a melody that honors her legendary dad's musical favorites!

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A name that hits all the right notes! 

In a heart-to-heart Instagram Q&A, Rumer got candid about the origins of her baby's name. "Her name is a mix of things I love," she shared with her fans, before dropping the beat on the name's lyrical lineage - a mixtape of Louis Armstrong, Etta James, and The Isley Brothers. Talk about a grand tribute!

Rumer didn't stop at names! She also treated followers to a rare throwback photo - a newborn Rumer cradled by a blonde, mustachioed Bruce Willis. It's a snapshot that screams '80s and pure father-daughter love!


Seeing Bruce in baby Lou's eyes 

But the connections don't end with the name. Rumer sees her dad's famous expressions in little Lou's face. "Whenever she's got a stern discerning look on her face, I just see Bruce Willis," she gushed. It's like a mini-Detective David Addison from 'Moonlighting' is reborn!

Rumer also shared her excitement over 'Moonlighting' streaming on Hulu, revealing a family secret - a closet full of the show's episodes on videotape! Now, she can share her dad's iconic smirks and side-eyes with Lou without the VCR hassle.

The Willis family: blended and beloved 

The Willis family continues to charm us with their tight-knit bond and blended family magic. From beach days to baby name reveals, they're giving us the warm fuzzies and a peek into Hollywood history.

So, there you have it, folks! Rumer Willis is not just a new mom; she's a maestro of memories, mixing a dash of Hollywood, a pinch of music legends, and a whole lot of love into her daughter's name. And as for Bruce? Well, he's a grandpa with a legacy that's as timeless as his films.

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