Russell Wilson is getting real about his fears as his wife Ciara enters the delivery room for the arrival of their third baby! While the Seattle Seahawks star player may be large and strong in stature, when it comes to his wife in labour, he's given a run for his money!

Guest host Joel McHale joins the football player virtually for Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where Wilson talks about the anxious waiting game for that day Ciara goes to the hospital!

Ciara and Russell anxiously await baby no. 3

Ciara has shared her pregnancy updates with the world on her Instagram, showing off her gorgeous glow and growing belly. While she was off resting, Russell Wilson opened up about his nerves awaiting the arrival of their third child.

Expecting a boy this time, Wilson looks back at the birth of their daughter Sienna, who was born in 2017, a time that was much different to be having a baby.

"COVID’s been such a crazy thing right now with the pandemic and everything else," Wilson said.

He then revealed that he's not a hundred percent sure he's even allowed in the delivery room this time.

"That’s what we don’t know," he shared. "That’s kind of the crazy part of it. I hope so."

Wilson then reveals the idea of him not being there is not his ideal situation.

"I think she needs me in the hospital," he said.

He then went on to reveal how Ciara almost broke his hand during the labour of Sienna. 

"Last time, she grabbed my hand. She almost broke my hand… She was squeezing my right hand," he said.

"I said, ‘Baby, baby, baby, other hand, other hand.’ So, she grabbed my left. So, hopefully, she’ll know this time," he joked.

Wilson and Ciara have a daughter Sienna that was born in 2017, and Ciara also has a son, Future Zahir, that she shares with her previous partner, rapper Future.

Watch the full clip below!