• The Biebers were on holiday
  • It looks like it wasn't a good one
  • Sources claim trouble in paradise

It can't be easy to be the Biebers. Now their every move gets speculation coming with it, given that they have just announced a baby on the way and their very public relationship continues to be put on display.

Babymoon Blues

Sources reveal the couple's supposed retreat turned into a gloomy affair, shedding light on Justin's ongoing battle with mental health and Hailey's unwavering support. Dive into the details of what went wrong on the Biebers' babymoon and how they're coping with the challenges they face.

Fresh off the heels of their romantic vow renewal in Hawaii and the joyful news of expecting their first child, Justin and Hailey Bieber jetted off to Japan, seeking some downtime. However, what was meant to be a blissful getaway quickly spiraled into a series of somber moments.

Guests at the Aman Kyoto, where the couple stayed, couldn't help but notice the cloud hanging over their heads. "Their babymoon was a complete bust," says a source close to the couple.

"Friends who saw them at their hotel [Aman Kyoto] said they looked miserable. Justin moped around and seemed sad and out of it, when this should have been one of the happiest times in his life. Hailey was always by his side and tried to lift his spirits, but he rarely smiled. It didn’t look like they were having fun at all."

Despite Hailey's attempts to cheer him up, smiles were scarce, painting a stark contrast to the happiness one would expect from such a milestone in their lives.

The Struggle Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, Justin's mental health has been a battle, with Hailey standing by as his pillar of strength. "He’s still kind of in his own world. Hailey is his only true friend, and she’s under a lot of pressure to try to see him through this rough patch."

"It’s tough on her, especially now that she’s pregnant. But if anything can snap Justin out of this dark period, it’s Hailey. He loves her more than anything, and they both can’t wait to welcome their first child," shared an insider, highlighting the gravity of Justin's struggles and the pressure it places on Hailey, especially during her pregnancy.

The journey is tough, but the couple's bond is tougher. "If anything can snap Justin out of this dark period, it's Hailey," the insider added, underscoring the deep love and commitment that exists between them.

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Despite the gloom that overshadowed their babymoon, the Biebers are looking forward to the future with optimism. The arrival of their first child is a beacon of hope, a reminder of the joy and love that life holds.

As they navigate these challenging times, their resilience and dedication to each other's well-being shine through, promising brighter days ahead.