• Richard Simmons reveals he has skin cancer
  • It comes after a cryptic but positive social media post
  • THIS is what we know about his condition so far

Fans were left reeling after a cryptic message hinted at his mortality, only to learn about his courageous battle against Basel Cell Carcinoma. Dive into the details of Simmons' emotional journey and his inspiring message to live life to the fullest.

"Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, What's this Blemish?"

One day after sending shockwaves across the internet with a cryptic message about "dying," Richard Simmons dropped a bombshell on his fans. The fitness legend bravely disclosed his diagnosis of skin cancer, detailing his emotional and physical struggle in a candid Facebook post.

Simmons recounted the chilling moment his dermatologist uttered the "C word" after examining a suspicious bump. "You have cancer," the doctor said, a statement that would send shivers down anyone's spine. With his trademark humor still intact, Simmons joked, "I told him to stop calling me dirty names."

The former fitness coach described the harrowing procedure where Dr. Ralph A. Massey had to "burn" his skin to eliminate the cancer cells. "As he started burning my skin, a tear dropped down my cheek," Simmons shared, painting a vivid picture of his pain and vulnerability.

Despite the initial treatment, the battle wasn't over. Simmons had to endure a second, more intense procedure. "This time was worse than before... It was deeper," he admitted. But the fitness guru did not shed a tear, showcasing his resilience.

The day before revealing his diagnosis, Simmons had posted, "I am... dying," leaving fans in a state of alarm. He later clarified, "The truth is we all are dying," urging everyone to cherish every moment of life.

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Simmons' rep confirmed that he is "very healthy and happy," and the initial alarming post was meant to inspire. The fitness icon himself apologized for the confusion, reiterating his message about embracing life.