Sarah Paulson is showing her love for a very special woman in her life! As People shares, Paulson took to Instagram on Thursday with a touching tribute to her longtime girlfriend Holland Taylor, which she shared in honour of Taylor's birthday!

Paulson calls photo of Taylor "a perfect picture of a perfect person"

Paulson posted a black-and-white picture of Taylor, which shows the now-78-year-old actress smiling at the camera with her glasses perched on top of her head.  "All roads lead me to this face, those eyes, that soul. You are, quite simply- everything to me," the actress captioned the photo. "Here's looking at you, kid. Today. Tomorrow. Always."

She then went on to talk about the specific image she'd chosen of Taylor, addressing her girlfriend directly! "(If you don't like this picture, you are an idiot, so don't get mad when you see it. I even made it black and white since you prefer it. So shhhhhh. It's a perfect picture of a perfect person)," she said. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING."

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor attend the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Paulson and Taylor have been spending quarantine together

Paulson and Taylor started dating in 2015, but have only recently begun to be more open about their relationship with the world! Back in August, Taylor opened up about the couple going public, explaining what led them to doing so. "It became a news event and so I wasn’t going to deny it," she said.

Taylor has also talked about what it has been like to be living with Paulson during the coronavirus pandemic, as the two have had the opportunity to spend much more time together than they typically would! But while quarantine can make or break a couple's relationship, Taylor revealed that she and Paulson were already in a good place beforehand.

Holland Taylor

One of the most talented actresses of all time!

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"Of course, Sarah and I didn’t need to be brought closer together. We have a very tight, close relationship within each other’s thoughts," the Two and a Half Men actress told People. "We share everything that’s going on."