Often playing a dark and sinister character, Sarah Paulson is acting once more as a twisted nurse for the series Ratched, which is streaming on Netflix.

For the cover of Harper's Bazaar, Paulson is revealing how she gets into the mindset of the characters, and how she manages to give us a stunning performance every time!

Sarah Paulson is proud of her latest spooky work

In a video for Harper's Bazaar, Sarah Paulson talks about her latest role for the creepy Netflix series Ratched, which follows a sinister nurse in a mental institute set in the '50s.

"We were going for something," she said to the publication of the series. "I’m proud of it. It’s an exploration, and it has something to say, and it looks beautiful. It’s dangerous. It’s scary. It’s sexy…. I feel a real sense of accomplishment with it."

This isn't the first time Paulson has taken on a darker role. The actress took on many different roles for the TV series, American Horror Story. 

"The biggest gift I’ve ever been given in my working life has been what my being on American Horror Story has made permissible with my relationship with an audience," she said. "They don’t expect any particular thing with me. That’s afforded me a tremendous amount of freedom."

Paulson then went on to share what it is about these spooky characters that she loves so much, saying, "It’s where the good stuff is. I’m much more interested in where there isn’t nobility. Human beings so often are motivated by the ugliest part of themselves … the stuff we don’t want to admit to ourselves about what we’re hungry for."

Paulson then discloses what she thinks is next for her in her career, adding, "It’s the one place I don’t feel frightened in terms of my ability to go somewhere unpleasant. I am unafraid to be ugly."

She continued, "I feel a certain sense of pride about being able to do that and without all the things that happen in every other aspect of my life when that comes up. But in this one area, I can actually say, I feel capable of being fearless."

Watch the full video below: