• Leni Klum is the daughter of star Heidi Klum
  • She made her debut as a model in 2021
  • Leni Klum actually has a tattoo!

In 2021, the 16-year-old Leni Klum appeared alongside her mom Heidi Klum on the cover of Vogue Germany. Since then, it's hard to imagine the modelling world without her. We have taken a closer look at Leni... Did you know that Heidi's daughter has a tattoo?

Heidi Klum's daughter Leni Klum got a tattoo

Talking to Vogue she revealed that she has a friendship tattoo with her stepfather Tom and his brother Bill Kaulitz. The tattoo consists of three small dots on the inside of her finger. The two brothers and Leni seem to get along great.

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The up-and-coming model was even involved in Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz's wedding proposal to her mother. He asked all of us children for permission. "We brought them breakfast in bed at Christmas, he took the ring, and then we all got really nervous when Mama hesitated for a moment," Leni told Vogue.

In fact, the aspiring model has even started thinking about a second tattoo and that is a partner tattoo with her boyfriend Aris Rachevsky.

They wanted to get something tattooed in their mouths. However, Heidi found the idea not super appealing according to Leni's Vogue interview.