If there's one thing Gilmore Girls is known for, it's the incredibly fast banter between castmates! Scott Patterson, who plays the stubborn yet sweet "Luke Danes," revealed some personal life changes he had to make in order to best play his role.

Along with Patterson, the infamous "Loralei Gilmore" actress Lauren Graham also underwent the same changes, and thank God they did! 

Scott Patterson reveals why he quit smoking

Sometimes it was hard to keep up with Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham as we watched their palatable chemistry playing "Luke Danes" and "Lorelai Gilmore" in the iconic early 2000s TV show Gilmore Girls.

GILMORE GIRLS, Lauren Graham, Scott Patterson, (Season 1), 2000-2007

Both actors can thank their career paths for being able to curb their smoking habits, according to Patterson when he spoke to The New York Times about his time on set. 

The 62-year-old actor revealed that due to the fast-paced dialogue on set, he and Graham had to quit smoking in order to catch up.

Gilmore Girls

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The comedy-drama, which ran from 2000-2007, had scripts that were "were 20 pages longer than the average hourlong series", according to The Times, and director and writer Amy Sherman-Palladino required the actors to read their lines word for word.

In order to keep up with the swift dialogue and intricate scripts, Patterson said he and Graham had to promptly quit smoking just to keep up.

"She needed her wind," he said, referring to Graham, "I needed my wind."

The 'Gilmore Girls' Cast

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What was the 'Gilmore Girls' revival miniseries called?

Patterson also said that there were often rewrites, and that "the volume and pace of the dialogue" kept them on their toes, including a time a 10-page scene was given to them at 6:30 a.m. before their shoot.

"Lauren and I were sitting in the makeup chair," he recalled, "We looked at each other with this abject terror, and then we got to work."

Earlier this year, Gilmore Girls celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The 'Gilmore Girls' Cast

Test your knowledge!

What was the 'Gilmore Girls' revival miniseries called?