Now that more days continue to go by with no sign or word from Naya, the heartbreaking reality is beginning to sink in for her family, friends, and fans alike.

Naya Rivera, Glee star, has been missing since she disappeared on Lake Piru on Wednesday. The Ventura County Sheriff's Department has been desperately looking for her since her 4-year old son was found floating alone in the boat she rented less than 3 hours after she rented it.

The Sheriff's office has held press conferences and been keeping the public informed via social media. They have been meticulously using helicopters, sonar equipment, drones, underwater rovers, dogs, and divers to search the enormous lake. 

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The Search For Naya Rivera

A petition made by Lake Piru locals has also been underway, in hopes of having warning signs surrounding the lake. Apparently locals do not swim there as there have been many drownings at Lake Piru before due to poor visibility, dangerous rip currents, and whirlpools, and is cluttered with debris and trees that entangle swimmers. The petition on Change.org says "Naya Rivera is not the first, nor the last to go missing at Lake Piru."

Both Naya's father and her ex-husband Ryan Dorsey and father of her son Josey, have gone to the lake and physically swam in the lake with clothes on in hopes of recovering her body. Although Naya and Ryan had a difficult past together, Ryan is clearly in bad shape worrying about his son's missing mother. 

Naya's Glee co-star and on-screen wife Heather Morris has been offering help to search for her in any way she can and has even been in contact with the county Sheriff while informing fans to stay away from the lake until the city asks for citizen search and rescue.

The county has also been heavily searching nearby cabins and residences to make sure no stone goes unturned. The situation is truly heartbreaking for Naya's entire family and everyone she has touched during her amazing life and career.

UPDATE: The Ventura County Sherriff's Department has confirmed that the body of 33-year-old single mother Naya Rivera has been found, passed from an apparent drowning and no signs of foul play or suicide are seen. She will be greatly missed.