• The strike on Hollywood goes on and on
  • Many big name actors have gotten behind the protests
  • Selena Gomez is now in trouble for THIS

SAG-AFTRA is made up of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and represents more than 160,000 media performers. This makes it the world's largest performer and broadcasters union, and the vast majority of celebrities are members. 

This has meant that the strike has been a bit of a family affair as actors have banded together. As 'BuzzFeed' reports, the strike started two months after the Writers Guild of America's strike began, hoping that the addition of actors would increase the power of their negotiations. This year will be the first time that actors and writers have been on strike together since 1960!

Selena is in trouble now

Actress, singer, and superstar Selena Gomez is currently starring in the Hulu show 'Only Murders In The Building'. She recently shared an Instagram post that had to be quickly pulled! As 'Variety' reports, she was accused by many followers of breaking strike rules. The post appeared to be a video from the set of the comedy show.

Selena tagged the official Instagram account for the show and captioned it: "Missing and wanting." As would be expected, the post generated over 1.1 million likes in 15 hours. She is the most followed woman on the platform, after all. But even so, the post was pulled from Gomez’s profile altogether!

'Variety' reached out to her rep for comment. SAG-AFTRA declined to comment on the matter themselves. The issue is that their rules ban members from promoting their work via press interviews or social media posts while on strike.

Also interesting:

Although she doesn't speak in the video nor did she encourage followers to watch the show in the caption, she did tag the show's official account. The tag led followers to assume the video was from the set of the series. Many are debating whether she actually broke a rule or not as they can be a little hazy around social media posts.

Commenting on the post, one person wrote: "I know you’re not out on the picket line every day so you’re not thinking about it but please remove the promo out of respect for the SAG-AFTRA strike and your fellow actors who are trying to get a fair deal and livable wages."

Someone else said: "This is direct violation. You're not supposed to mention your work, any work 'cause social media posts equal to promotion of said work. She is in BIG trouble. Possible blacklisting 'cause this is DIRECT VIOLATION of the promotion rules. Yikes."

Whether or not the union gets her in trouble, it's clear she's in hot water with some fans now! But you can't stay mad at Selena for long...can you?