• Shakira's ex Piqué is now dating Clara Chia Marti
  • He allegedly cheated on Shakira, who had even met Clara
  • Reportedly Shakira had an interesting nickname for her

The drama surrounding the separation of Shakira and Piqué continues.

Spanish journalist Roberto Antolin now reveals an unknown chapter in the alleged love triangle between Shakira, Piqué, and Clara. He reports that Shakira has known Clara for a long time.

How Shakira, Piqué, and Clara got to know each other

The Colombian singer met her when she visited Piqué at his company. There, the ex-footballer's new partner, Clara Chia Marti, had completed an internship.

Shakira was apparently surprised when she found out that Piqué was cheating on her with his employee. As a result, she began to call Clara by a certain nickname.

Also interesting:

Antolin says in a TV interview: "Shakira never saw any danger, because [Clara] is not a stunning woman, she is a rather normal girl. That's why it hurt her so much, because she already knew her, and she called her 'little dead fly.'"

He goes on to explain that the young woman was always friendly to Shakira, so the singer did not see her as a threat.

"Clara Chia was a person who went unnoticed," claims the journalist. "She behaved very well with Shakira.

"She was a 'dead fly': she spoke little, she was tremendously educated, she was an intern, they made little noise."

Roberto Antolin alleges that Shakira used the nickname for Clara during her conversations with Piqué...

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