• And Just Like That... is the Sex and the City sequel series
  • They are currently filming season 2 of AJLT
  • Sarah Jessica Parker shared reunion photos from the set

Fans are thrilled! With a post about the second season of And Just Like That... Sarah Jessica Parker has made her followers overjoyed.

After "Mr. Big" passed away right at the beginning of the Sex and the City sequel, the protagonist "Carrie Bradshaw" was alone again.

But with a new post, Parker reveals a potential new love interest for "Carrie"...

And Just Like That... season 2 spoiler: HE returns

In the photo, Sarah Jessica Parker is smooching John Corbett, who portrayed her character's ex-boyfriend "Aiden" in the series.

"Aiden" was absolutely in love with "Carrie." However, in the end, he couldn't keep up with "Mr. Big."

Now it seems he will get his chance in the sequel after all, as the post appears to show that he and "Carrie" have reconnected for the time being.

Also interesting:

Under the photo, Parker writes: "This. Is. Not. A. Drill." Fans of the show are absolutely thrilled. Among other things, the comments say: "Not a drill but a dream come true."

Hollywood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow also responded. "NO WAYYYYYY, she comments under the post."

There is no word yet on a release date for the new And Just Like That... episodes.

See more in the video above!