• The second season of "And Just Like That" is coming
  • "Sex and the City" fans have been demanding a comeback for a certain character
  • In fact, the wish comes true

After the first season of And Just Like That ... many fans wondered what would happen next with "Carrie" and her love life, because- 


Right at the start of the first season, her great love "Mr. Big" dies. After that many fans demanded the comeback of a very specific Sex and the City character.

Sex and the City spin-off: HE will return

They specifically asked for the return of "Carrie's" ex-boyfriend "Aidan", played by John Corbett.

Leading actress Sarah Jessica Parker (57) officially confirmed this comeback to Entertainment Tonight: "Well, you know, I can't be cryptic about it anymore."

Also Interesting:

Already as of the first season, fans were eagerly waiting for an appearance from "Aidan" after John Corbett as he hinted to Page Six: "I think I could be in some episodes."

Ultimately, he didn't appear in the spin-off. But now he's back at it. Can he win "Carrie's" heart again?