Most probably know Shannen Doherty from Beverly Hills, 90210 or Charmed.

However, she did get her start in the classic series Little House on the Prairie, where the young star worked with Michael Landon. This week, Doherty looked back on a sweet memory with the TV star that actually came before Little House.

Shannen Doherty on Michael Landon and Father Murphy

Before Little House, Doherty landed her first role as a child actress in the 1981 series Father Murphy.

She now shared a photo of herself from the series on Instagram: With a thick fur hat and crooked teeth, Shannen grins at the camera and is hardly recognizable!

She writes about the picture: "Father Murphy. My first job with the amazing Michael Landon producing...

"We worked in Tucson, Arizona in 100 degree plus weather wearing buckskins and I loved every minute. It remains one of my fondest memories."

The Bonanza star clearly recognized Doherty's talents early on, because a short time later she joined Little House.

She added: "Michael soon after cast me in Little House New Beginnings where I had the privilege of him directing me many times."

As little "Jenny Wilder," the niece of "Almanzo," Doherty won over many fans beginning in 1982 — and continues to do so today. Landon also had very good judgement, because Doherty moved on to a highly-successful acting career.

Earlier this month, Doherty, 50, also shared a makeup-free selfie to make her point about beauty standards and aging in Hollywood.