• I am Shauna Rae is a hit reality show on TLC
  • It follows the life of 23-year old Shauna Rae
  • This is her boyfriend Dan Swygart

Anytime a reality show becomes prominent so do its stars. And countless fans around the world want to know all about Shauna Rae's personal life and what her relationship status is. During the show's last season, she began dating Dan Swygart. Their romance is only just beginning and here's what we know about Dan, so far:

Shauna and Dan have a real shot at love

Dan is a native of North Wales and graduated from Cardiff University in Economics. He is an entrepreneur through and through, and has several businesses on the go. According to his social networks, he is officially the CEO of his company RaiseEasy which helps investors.

Also interesting:

But what about his personal life beyond the numbers? Dan is a travel enthusiast and is constantly posting his trips on Instagram. He has come under some heavy criticism for his relationship with Shauna, with many saying that his attraction for her is creepy...

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