• Whoopi Goldberg is facing backlash for her comments on the Holocaust
  • Whoopi has been suspended temporarily from The View
  • Sources close to her believe Whoopi wants to quit the show

Despite her being a beloved figure, she still has to answer for her comments. Last week, during International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Goldberg alluded that the Holocaust was not a crime against any one race, but against humanity itself. Her comments were not appreciated by many fans and Jewish rights leaders!

The View May Be Looking For Another Star Soon

She's Had Enough! Whoopi Goldberg Might Quit

Whoopi was suspended from the show following the immediate backlash on social media. After Goldberg’s suspension, it now appears she is losing her patience over what she feels is overly-harsh punishment inflicted upon her and is considering walking away from the show for good!

Also interesting:

An insider close to OK! magazine confesses that Goldberg is refusing to accept the network's decision and is becoming livid with the entire reaction to her comments.

Even though, “They suspended Whoopi giving everyone a two-week cooling-off period because the last thing the show wants right now is to be looking to find a replacement for Whoopi and Meghan McCain whose seat still remains empty at the table.”

"ABC bowed down to outside pressure and humiliated Whoopi. They kicked her when she is down rather than having her back. The question is, does Whoopi even want to return to the show? At the moment that answer is ‘no."

Before concluding they admitted, "This could have been a teachable moment. A 24-hour news story, but now ABC has made it much bigger with the suspension.”

In all likelihood, this will resolve itself one way or another in the coming days. But it's just another example of one wrong comment potentially derailing an entire legacy. Whoopi hasn't made her feelings public yet, but that surely won't be the case for long...

We'll be sure to keep you posted the latest from Whoopi Goldberg and The View!