• Judi Dench has lost her eyesight
  • She has an eye disease
  • THIS is how she deals with it

In 2012, Judi Dench was diagnosed with macular degeneration. The incurable disease of the retina causes the actress to lose her sight more and more. Despite this limitation, she does not want to end her career. Judi is determined to carry on with what she does best, which is performing.

Judi Dench is facing a new obstacle in life

Judi Dench wants to continue working "as much as I can," as she explained to 'The Mirror'. "I mean I can't see on a film set any more. And I can't see to read. So I can't see much. But you know you just deal with it," Judi said.

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She wants to continue, but "hasn't found a way yet" to read and memorize her scripts. Although she has friends who help her, the actress does not want to become dependent, which is understandable...

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