• Actor Cliff Emmich has passed away this November
  • The actor was known for many short roles across various series
  • He is most fondly remembered for his appearance on Little House on the Prairie

It's never easy to write about someone passing. And Cliff was certainly one of the good ones. But after a lengthy health struggle, it's time to say goodbye. His spokesman confirmed the story to Fox News with the following statement:

Cliff Emmich will be fondly remembered!

"My client, with whom I have been friends for over fifty years, lost his battle with lung cancer {...} he passed away Monday at his home in Valley Village". With that, Cliff's story comes to a close.

Also interesting:

Emmich played the role of "John Bevins" in Little House on the Prairie. He was only seen in one episode of the series, but left a very lasting impression. He would be known to many of you TV buffs across many shows throughout his career...

Watch the video above to learn more about Cliff!