• Jeremy Renner was in a terrible accident
  • He was run over by his snowplow
  • More official details have now been released

Hollywood star Jeremy Renner (51) is going through the toughest moment of his life after his accident. The whole world is fully aware of his misfortunes. However, details that have now come to light, show that the accident must have been even more painful for the actor than previously thought.

It's a miracle he even survived

TMZ has access to an emergency log from the day of the accident, which documents the course of events and the extent of his injuries in more detail. And we should warn you that they are certainly not for the faint of heart!

Also interesting:

When the vehicle fell on top of him, his entire upper body would have been crushed, especially the right side, causing him extreme difficulties when breathing. On top of that, Renner suffered severe head injuries that contributed to an enormous loss of blood...

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