• Madonna is posting lots of new photos
  • Her fanbase had a common reaction
  • They say the singer, 63, looks super young

Madonna's new photos have been all the talk in recent months. The singer has taken a small break from posting revealing pictures, but her latest ones are still getting lots of attention.

Madonna fans say she looks really young in new photos

In the last few days, Madonna posted a series of new pictures. But the 63-year-old's Instagram is filled with comments about her altered appearance — specifically, how young she looks. Like, teenager young.

We're seeing a lot of the same reaction to the photos. "Who is this 17 year old girl???" commented one fan. "What are you 12?!" added another. And one more: "Who tf is this 14 year old? What have you done with Madonna?"

Whether Madonna is using fillers or filters, people agree her face is looking different. As one commenter bluntly put it: "I miss your actual face." But others yet are into Madonna's new look and are cheering her on.

Also interesting:

"Beautiful," wrote one Madonna admirer. "Looking fabulous MUTHA!" added another. A commenter also asked Madonna to share her plastic surgeon's number.

Madonna has been in the spotlight since the early '80s, but these days it's her Instagram photos that make headlines more often than her music. She last released an album in 2019.