Julia Fox recently caught the attention of her social media followers after sharing a sexy new picture that sees her with a music legend! On Wednesday, Fox took to Instagram to post an image of her and Madonna together, and it's certainly heating up the internet!

Fox shows off sexy leather look in pic with Madonna

Fox is sprawled across a long white couch while in a hot leather outfit in the pic. Wearing head-to-toe black, the Uncut Gems actress presents herself in a crop top, tight-fitting pants that show off her legs, stiletto heels, and gloves. She shows off her toned midriff, and gives the camera a suggestive look as she casually leans back onto Madonna.

The pop star also assumes a casual position on the couch, wearing a white dress with tights as well as black leather boots and fingerless gloves. The tinted sunglasses she wears also gives the image something of an alluring and mysterious quality. One of her hands is draped over Fox's, which rests on her knee. "MOTHER @madonna" Fox captioned the photo, crediting it to photographer Ricardo Gomes.

Madonna also posted the photo on her own Instagram and provided a little context for why the two stars were hanging out! "Went to dinner with Julia to talk about my movie and some other folks showed up," she wrote. She also included several other photos, including a black and white candid where Fox's sexy leather ensemble can be seen from behind. Madonna is often known to share eye-catching photos online, and Fox has garnered quite a bit of interest after she revealed her relationship with rapper Kanye West.