• Angie Harmon is going to court
  • Her dog was shot by a delivery driver
  • THIS is the latest chapter

The lawsuit, filed in Mecklenburg County, has sent waves through the celebrity and legal worlds alike, spotlighting issues of safety, accountability, and the unexpected dangers lurking in everyday tasks. The suit filed late last week in Mecklenburg County seeks to hold the shopper and Instacart liable...

A Delivery Turned Deadly

On a seemingly ordinary day in March, Harmon's North Carolina home became the scene of an unthinkable tragedy. Expecting groceries and a day filled with mundane tasks, Harmon was instead met with horror. This is one of the stories where absolutely nobody wins at all...

A delivery, anticipated to be brought by a friendly face as indicated by the Instacart app, turned into a nightmare when a "tall and intimidating younger man" arrived, not the older woman Harmon was expecting.

The situation escalated rapidly, culminating in a gunshot that claimed the life of Oliver, Harmon's dog. The actress recounted the harrowing moment, revealing her disbelief and anguish over the senseless violence that unfolded in her driveway.

"So unfathomable," Harmon told 'Good Morning America,' her voice a mix of shock and sorrow. "I think Instacart is beyond responsible for all of this," Harmon said in the interview. "This didn't have to happen." 

According to the complaint, Harmon ordered an Instacart groceries delivery from a Charlotte store on March 30. The Instacart app showed a shopper named Merle with a profile photo of an older woman, with whom Harmon believed she was exchanging text messages about her order, the lawsuit says.

Later that day, Harmon was upstairs filling her squirrel feeders when a "tall and intimidating younger man," not an older woman, showed up to deliver the groceries, the lawsuit says.

Harmon said she heard a gunshot sound and rushed outside. She found her dog, Oliver, had been shot, and saw the delivery person putting a gun into the front of his pants, according to the suit.

Her teenage daughters, who had already been outside, were "in distress," it says. The dog died at the veterinarian's office.

Harmon's lawsuit doesn't just seek justice for Oliver; it aims to hold Instacart accountable for what she describes as "negligent hiring, supervision, retention, and misrepresentation." The case raises critical questions about the responsibilities of gig economy giants and the safety of both their customers and employees.

With accusations including trespassing, gross negligence, and emotional distress, the legal battle is set to be a landmark case in the intersection of technology, personal safety, and corporate accountability.

Instacart has responded by stating the delivery man involved has been permanently banned from their platform, emphasizing their zero-tolerance policy for violence.

"Our hearts continue to be with Ms. Harmon and her family following this disturbing incident," Instacart said in a statement. "While we cannot comment on pending litigation, we have no tolerance for violence of any kind, and the shopper account has been permanently deactivated from our platform."

However, Harmon's fight is far from over, as she seeks not only monetary damages but a change in how companies like Instacart vet and monitor their workers.

As news of the lawsuit spreads, public opinion is divided. Some stand firmly with Harmon, outraged by the loss of her pet and the fear her daughters faced.

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There so much to unpack here. Outside the main court of opinion, others question the complexities of self-defense and the risks faced by delivery workers in their daily duties.

What remains clear is that this case has struck a chord, highlighting the unforeseen dangers that can arise in the most routine aspects of our lives.