Simon Cowell, former American Idol judge, has one of the brightest smiles in all of Britain now! The infamous judge is currently enduring rehab for his back and to regain muscle strength, but he also decided to spend his spare time getting a new set of veneers!

Simon Cowell Gets New Teeth As He Recovers From Broken Back

While this isn't Simon Cowell's first time undergoing an aesthetic procedure, nor veneers, it seems as if he was ready for a fresh update on his look. Back in 2019, Cowell appeared on the red carpet with an entirely new face that most people didn't even recognize! According to The Sun, he had botox done on his forehead, a facelift, and veneers put in. 

This time around, he saw New York/Dubai/Los Angeles-based aesthetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa, who allegedly charges around $4,000 per tooth, says a source of TMZ. Seeing that there's a total of 28 teeth... we can only imagine how bad Simon wanted a new set of pearly-whites!

Dr. Apa thanked Simon for coming to his office, stating "thank you @simoncowell for putting your trust in us."

Simon got the work done at his Beverly Hills practice. 

The celeb dentist continued, "arguably one of THE most talked about smiles in the industry"... we couldn't agree more! We'll have to wait and see if there's any more upcoming surgeries for Mr. Cowell during his current post-surgery! 

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