Sir Elton John was married for a short four years in the 1980s to Renate Blauel. Although the two divorced amicably and have maintained a lovely friendship ever since Renate is suing the star for a whopping £3 Million in damages. Elton is not taking this sitting down and is now claiming she is only suing in an attempt to profit from him financially so he brought receipts to the court that her allegations against him hold no water.

Sir Elton John's Ex-Wife Renate Sues Him for £3 Million

DailyMail has reported that Renate Blauel, formerly Renate John, has officially sued her ex-husband legend Elton John claiming he has breached their divorce contract by speaking about their marriage in his book and in the biopic Rocketman. She is now claiming her privacy has been violated and John owes her £3 Million. Oddly enough, he has always been very kind and short when speaking about his ex-wife publicly and even stated in his autobiography Me, that she was "a wonderful woman whom I have so much love and admiration" and that Renate had been "decent and dignified" about their marriage end. 

Now 67-year-old Renate has publicly filed papers against Elton claiming he endangered her by knowingly putting her through stress while she suffered serious mental issues and depression. She claims that during their honeymoon in St. Tropez, Elton had told her that their marriage was not working and he wanted her to go home so she overdosed on Valium in response in a terrifying suicide attempt. She was then admitted to the hospital for two days where she had her stomach pumped and complains that Elton did not visit her while hospitalized. Strangely, she does mention that he invited her to join him on holiday shortly after this incident to which she accepted.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Renate is claiming that Elton was aware of her fragile mental state during their marriage and such statements made by him could have lead to her serious mental harm. Apparently he had been witness to panic attacks she had suffered through, one during a visit with the Royal family. According to Renate, Princess Margaret asked about a painting of Sir Elton John's that Renate could not recall the details about which caused her to "panic and become very anxious" so she interrupted Elton speaking with the Queen Mother to ask for help while excusing herself to another room. She specifically did not explain to Elton John why she did this but that it should have been obvious to him that it was due to her anxiety. 

Sir Elton John's Ex-Wife Renate Brings Serious Allegations To The Court

Renate has also mentioned that she disputes his claims made in his autobiography that he never wanted to be a father until decades after their marriage until he met and married his husband David Furnish. She claims he "seriously misrepresented their relationship," and these claims have put her health at risk.

Sir Elton John denies knowledge of her susceptibility to mental health problems and states that nothing he has said violates their divorce agreement. His legal counsel told MailOnline that "Elton has always respected Renate's privacy and will continue to do so. It is well documented that their marriage was completely respectful and the relationship both Elton and Renate had after they divorced continued to be kind, respectful and honorable for the 30 years following."

His legal team continued "It will be established in the case that there were multiple affectionate correspondences from Renate direct to Elton during this time. We also find it baffling that this claim is centered around privacy when at every stage of these proceedings Renate has chosen to file these claims in the public domain (when she could have chosen to keep them confidential) about supposed experiences that happened during their marriage which completely goes against the entire grounds of the case."

"This only goes to show the true purpose of this claim which is to extract a large sum of money from Elton and tarnish his name publicly with falsehoods."

Sir Elton John's barrister has filed this response and has said that "The defendant has at all times acted with due and proper regard for his former wife's feelings, as well as his contractual obligations towards her, notwithstanding the fact that they were divorced over 30 years ago."

We will have to wait and see how the court proceeds. 

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