• Taylor Swift has inspired legislation
  • Minnesota has signed the "Taylor Swift bill"
  • THIS is what it tackles

Big news! In a groundbreaking move, Minnesota has passed a new law, famously dubbed the "Taylor Swift bill," aimed at revolutionizing the ticket purchasing experience for concerts and live events. For a while now, the industry has been plagued with swindlers and scammers.

Well, that's about to change in Minnesota

Thanks Taylor!

Initiated by the chaos of trying to snag Taylor Swift concert tickets, this legislation mandates upfront fee disclosures and clamps down on reseller scams, ensuring fans get a fair shot at seeing their idols live without breaking the bank.

In an era where ticket bots and hidden fees have concert-goers seeing red, Minnesota has stepped up to the plate, hitting a home run for fans everywhere. The state's governor, Tim Walz, inked House File 1989 into law at the iconic First Avenue venue, promising a new dawn for ticket buyers.

Named in a whimsical nod to Taylor Swift's birth year and hit album, this legislation is music to the ears of frustrated fans.

"Never in my wildest dreams..." began Democratic state house representative Kelly Moller, echoing Swift's own lyrics as she described the surreal moment of the bill's signing. Moller, like thousands of others, had been caught in the web of Ticketmaster's system crash in 2022 during the mad dash for Swift tickets - a debacle that sparked outrage but saw little in the way of federal action.

Minnesota, joining forces with Maryland, is now at the forefront of states championing consumer rights in the ticketing arena. The new law, effective from January 1, 2025, promises transparency and fairness, putting an end to the days of exorbitant hidden fees and the wild west of ticket reselling.

Critics and supporters alike have been vocal, with Ticketmaster's silence speaking volumes. Meanwhile, Jessica Roey of StubHub has expressed support for the legislation, highlighting its alignment with the company's advocacy for fair ticket buying practices.

At the heart of the bill's signing were two young fans, their attire a silent testament to the bill's broad appeal, spanning Swifties to sports enthusiasts. Their father, Mike Dean, shared a personal anecdote underscoring the necessity of such legislation, having been stung by hidden fees himself.

Dean said his daughter "came to me in December and said, ‘Dad, I want to go to see Caitlin Clark.’ As a father, I just couldn’t resist. And so I went online to go buy tickets."

The tickets were supposed to cost $300 total, Dean said, but they ended up costing over $500 because of hidden fees. The timer had begun in the online checkout process, so he had just minutes to decide whether to buy the tickets or lose them.

He ultimately bought the tickets. But Dean said these practices mean customers cannot make informed decisions. The new law, he said, will bring transparency to the process.

The law takes effect on 1 January 2025, and applies to tickets sold on or after that date.

Adrianna Korich of First Avenue hailed the law as a victory against deceptive practices that have plagued fans for too long. With stories of fans paying up to ten times the ticket's face value, the "Taylor Swift bill" is a beacon of hope, promising a future where the only drama fans experience is on the stage.

"We have all heard the horror stories from the Taylor Swift Eras tour and have seen the astronomical prices that are being charged at checkout," Korich said.

Supporters of Minnesota’s new law say the state joins Maryland as among the few states to pass protections for ticket buyers into law.

Ticketmaster did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the new Minnesota law. Taylor Swift’s media team also did not respond.

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Well, in any case, that's bound to inspire some major change. Other states are already looking at this as a shining example of setting a new standard! 

As Minnesota takes a bold step towards fairness in live event ticketing, the question on everyone's lips is: Will other states follow suit? Only time will tell, but for now, Minnesota is leading the chorus for change, ensuring fans are never again out of luck when it comes to live entertainment.